Selling Residential Property

Now that you have sold your property it is important to engage the services of an independent settlement agent to ensure that you fulfil all your requirements under the contract and to complete the transaction on your behalf. 

Settle Wise Conveyancing will ‘hold your hand’ during the entire process ensuring it is as easy a transaction for you as possible. 

We take care of all the important paperwork, liaising with your bank to arrange the discharge of your mortgage and disburse your funds at settlement. 

Tips before you sell 

  • Clean and de-clutter your home before home opens to make it more appealing to buyers. 
  • Contact your bank to get an estimated an amount to payout your loan, so you can ensure when it comes to settlement you have enough funds to cover the mortgage. 
  • Make sure you advise the buyers of any items in the property that do not work and won’t be working at settlement and ensure these are noted as a condition on the contract. Otherwise, when it comes time for settlement the buyers may insist on it being repaired. 
  • If any additions to the property, for example a patio, do not have council approval, this must be disclosed to the buyer prior to the offer being accepted, and it stated on the contract. 
  • It’s now a requirement for all sellers to have the identification verified to help prevent fraud. So ensure you have up to date identity documents available. 
  • Use the period of time between the sale date and buyers final inspection to ensure all items are in good working order in accordance with the contract. 

Q & A’s 

What time do we need to vacate the property? 

If you are in residing in the property then you must vacate and hand keys over by 12 noon the day after settlement. If it’s not your principal place of residence you must deliver the keys as soon settlement is effected. 

What happens if my bank won’t be ready on time? 

It’s really important to keep on top of things with your bank and make sure you return all your documents, correctly signed, as soon as possible. Unfortunately though, there are times that a bank may not be able to be ready in time for settlement. Your settlement agent should keep you informed of this and discuss with you what can be done and the implications of late settlement. 

I’m going to be away during the settlement period. What should I do? 

Always let your Conveyancer know if you are going to be away at all during settlement. That way we can ensure that all the important documents can be signed before you go, or that there is sufficient time for you to sign on your return. 


We understand that all of this information can be daunting, so feel free to pick up the phone and contact us. We live and breathe this stuff, so we’re happy to answer any concerns or questions you may have. So why not Get Wise……Get Settle Wise.

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